Jerry L. Diaz

I’m Jerry L. Diaz, a General Contractor and the president of Thunder Construction Corp. Experienced in Architecture since 2007 and Experienced in Residential & Commercial Construction since 2014. Our specialties are in Shell Construction, Roofing, Glazing, Retail VSPs, Renovations, Management and Accelerated schedules and Structural Steel Erection. I love what I do and love servicing our clients with turn key projects, assisting them from beginning to end. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Let’s build together.

Find below a few leaders of our group of professionals that make our team.

Carolina Clayton

Carolina Clayton is a Professional Commercial Layout Office Designer. During her 14 years working in the commercial design industry she has helped many companies ensure that their office space and furniture layout properly accommodates their needs and exceeds expectations. Initially starting as a residential interior designer, she has designed and built furniture from scratch which has led to her understanding the importance and benefits of choosing the correct ergonomic furniture for any space. Her belief is that design and layout is the key to providing the ideal environment to live and work productively and in harmony. Prior clients in her portfolio include: Brickell City Centre, Jade Signature, True Value International, AAR Corp., Boxy Charm, Aero Trust Corp., And Telemundo.

Lili Botero

Liliana Botero (Lili Botero) is a professional innovative plastic artist and founder of “Wynwood Blank Canvas Project Inc.” an art and design company based in Florida that helps business owners reflect their own unique style and company image using a great artistic sense of aesthetics. Lili is constantly creating new paintings, sculptures and murals as well as developing new interior design projects for her clients in the residential and commercial market. Her designs are colorful, joyful and fun and her main goal is to bring positive vibes to the spectator of her artwork. Lili has exhibited her art for many years in art fairs such as Art Berlin, Art Basel and art galleries around the world. Her interior design projects have been commissioned by developers and for corporate offices such as Jetex.

Jimmy De Armas

Hi, I’m Jimmy De Armas. I am known to all my friends as a professional Latin Dancer. My love for dancing and the relationships that I have made through the years has opened up this new chapter in my life. At MANKIND INNOVATIONS CORP., I am the marketing area manager. We service all of Dade & Broward County. Looking forward to servicing all those in need in our areas. With hard work and dedication, we can bring the clients visions to life.

Carissa Dominguez

Hello world! I’m Carissa Dominguez, a self-made entrepreneur pursuing an MBA and living my dream! I have years of experience in business management and client relations because I absolutely love working with people and being able to service their needs, however I can. The other professionals in the industry have labeled me the Happiness Maker, and I do just that. I believe in having only a positive mindset and I live each day with purpose. But my passion doesn’t stop here at Mankind, I am also the founder of a non-profit organization that allows me to give back to the communities. I’m really excited to connect with you and your inspirations and look forward to building something amazing together!

Maykel De Armas

Welcome, my name is Maykel De Armas, but you can call me “Mike”. As an entrepreneur, a business manager, broker and private investor, I pride myself in my ability to help others. From time sensitive issues, to ensuring that quality standards are always high and a priority. I have experienced the stress and anxiety of dealing with multiple companies on a project first hand. Wondering where to turn to next, while a project is in the works. I wanted to find a way to streamline the process for others and remove the unneeded stress. With that always in mind, I created MANKIND INNOVATIONS CORP. Putting this business on the map has brought together a network of pro’s who believe as strongly as I do that clients should enjoy the manifestation of the project at hand. I hope you enjoyed your journey through or website. Please feel free to contact us or be sure to stop by again soon.